Donation to the ‘questionnaire’ plugin.

We are accepting donations for questionnaire.
The benefit of donation are:

  1. You’ll receive ‘questionnaire_pro’ add-on(WordPress plugin) which removes the message of
    Producend By Questionnaire plugin(Free version) developed by  Microgadget,inc.  

    from your questionnaire page.

  2. You may be able to get better support.

  3. Will boost the speed of enchacement.

Please use the following link to pay donation.

After you received payment notification e-mail from PayPal, you will receive another e-mail contains download link of ‘questionnaire_pro’ within a few minutes.
If you don’t receive such an e-mail within a day or more, please contact us

After you downloaded ‘questionnaire_pro’ plugin zip file, you need to install it into your WordPress site.